Making The Change You Need

Change is a part of life, we can’t control change it just happens whether we like it or not. If you want to change your diet and lifestyle you need to change the way you feel about yourself first. Take some time to evaluate your self-worth.

In order to sustain change we must be in harmony with our mind and body. Mahatma Gandhi said “Happiness comes when what you think, say, and do are all in harmony” By the way happiness doesn’t mean you have to act happy all the time, it’s about inner peace.

Have you heard of Epigenetics? These are factors that may control how your genes are expressed. If we change our perception we can change our gene activity. In other words, our thoughts also create our reality. If you aren’t doing a great job controlling your diet, or your thoughts then your cells may revolt. This is what causes disease.

You need the commitment to self to change. If you live with fear and stress you make yourself vulnerable and your immunity crashes. If you live with love and hope you boost your immunity. Our thoughts conscious and unconscious change the state of the physical world. Are you ready for change?


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