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I'm here to help, whatever your question might be. Whether you'd like more info on my juice cleanses, want to chat about a health concern or need advice about supplements, getting in touch is the first step of your wellness journey!
Fill in the form below, send me an email at or drop me a DM on Instagram.
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Do you offer any off the peg consultations?

Yes! Click here to check out my 1-1 consultation options. These can take place in person, over the phone, via email or on Zoom so I can help wherever you are in the world!

I'm worried my question might seem silly...

Never every worry about whether your query is serious enough to justify contacting me. If it's on your mind then its time to do something about it! Helping people with their concerns (however big or small) is one of the nicest things about my job and I love being able to make a difference to the way people feel.

How long do you normally take to respond?

I aim to get back to everyone within 3 working days but I'm usually much faster! Don't forget that you can tick the urgent box on the form above if you need your query dealt with as a priority.


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