5 Things To Know About Chlorella

First things first - what exactly is Chlorella? It's a tiny single-celled algae that lives in fresh water and has been around for over 3 billion years. It's one of our oldest, simplest and most powerful forms of nutrition. Chlorella is one of the most basic forms of life and reproduces at an astonishing rate with a full cycle in 24 hours.

Susie Who | Chlorella Algae

The first important thing to know about Chlorella is that it has a hard cell wall which cannot be digested by humans. This why our tablets are crucially formulated using cracked cell wall Chlorella.
Fact number 2 is that Chlorella is an incredibly rich source of chlorophyll. It contains all 9 essential amino acids and omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids as well as:
  • 9 x the beta carotene of carrots
  • 5 x the iron of liver
  • 2 x the protein of beef
  • 2 x the vitamin K of kale
  • 2 x calcium of milk
  • 8 x RNA of sardines
  • 6 x lutein of kale
The third thing to know about Chlorella that isn't talked about very often is how good it is for gut health. Read my Chlorella for Gut Health blog here for the full lowdown, but in a nutshell it stimulates the growth of friendly bacteria and its chlorophyll content helps to clean the bowel.
Fact number four - Chlorella is one of the best sources of RNA and DNA that help protect and support healthy cell renewal and ageing. So if you want to support your body as it ages (and vitally from the inside out), then Chlorella is a great place to start.
Susie Who | Chlorella Tablets
And finally Chlorella is one of very few supplements that you can gradually increase your intake of. I recommend starting with 3 twice a day and then working your way up to a maximum of 20. 

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