Zoom 20 Minute Personal Health Review
Zoom 20 Minute Personal Health Review

20 Minute Personal Health Review


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My 1-1 health review for busy people!

My new mini consultations are perfect for those with limited time or who would like to catch up on a regular basis. During the 20 minute session we can talk about any concerns you may have and come up with a plan of action to get your wellness journey started or back on track.

Drawing on all my experience

My consultations draw on my diverse experience of over 30 years in a variety of therapy and consultant roles.  Originally trained as a beauty therapist I became one of the first clinical aromatherapists in London, before qualifying as a nutritional therapist over 15 years ago.  My own health crisis led me to wheatgrass and the Hippocrates Institute established by a pioneer of natural health Anne Wigmore over 60 years ago where I train.

The Hippocrates` Institute  

A pioneering advocate of self-healing through diet, Anne Wigmore  was one of the first to promote the benefits of raw food, wheatgrass and ‘detoxing’ back in the 1940’s.  Following simple protocols with natural foods and observing clinical outcomes of hundreds of thousands of patients. About changing lifestyles, and holistic healing rather than focusing on single conditions and treatments.
The institute looks at holistic methods of healing and encourages changing lifestyles rather than focusing on single conditions and treatments.  They reconcile the current  nature of scientific research with the meticulous observations of hundreds of thousands of patients over the last half century and more. 

Read nutritional information for wheatgrass here

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20 Minute Personal Health Review



Are your cosmetics free from chemicals?

Yes - they are totally free from unnecessary harsh chemicals and don't contain sulphates or parabens.

Is your packaging recyclable?

All of my plastic bottles are made of recycled plastic and all of my glass is completely recyclable. I re-use as much packaging as possible and have swapped as much plastic as I can for card and paper.

Are there any fillers or binders in your wheatgrass and chlorella and can you take them together?

My wheatgrass and chlorella don't contain any fillers or binders at all. They work very well when taken together.

Do any of your skincare products contain colours or synthetic fragrances?

None of my hair or skincare formulas contain artificial colours. I only use natural oils so no synthetic fragrances at all.


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Order tracking

All orders are sent tracked as standard so you can stay up to date with your order until the moment it arrives.

Got a question?

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Kind to the body

Every product in my collection is designed to be kind to the body. So much of what we eat and put on our skin is full of chemicals, preservatives and harmful ingredients. By stripping everything back to the purest, scientifically proven elements, I've created a range of supplements, skincare and haircare that are kind, gentle and effective.

Kind to the planet

My Miron glass jars are 100% recyclable and perfect for re-use. All of my plastic lids are made from the most recyclable form of plastic there is so no need to worry about them ending up in landfill! I've swapped to paper and card wherever possible and now have some amazing new insulated boxes for my juice cleanses that are totally plastic free!

Backed by over 15 years of nutritional therapy

I study with The Hippocrates Institute which was founded by pioneer Anne Wigmore. She was an advocate of self-healing through diet and one of the first to promote the benefits of raw food, wheatgrass and ‘detoxing’ back in the 1940s.


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