Getting to know you and your health

My consultations begin with a face-to-face, video or telephone call to look at your current lifestyle and health history. I look back so you can move forward. In my experience current health issues can have their roots as far back as childhood regardless of age. Together we will establish a plan for real transformation  using cleansing programmes, living and raw foods, juices and supplements to clean and recharge you.  The living foods that I use in my juices and smoothies I grow and process myself. 

Drawing on all my experience

My consultations draw on my diverse experience of over 30 years in a variety of therapy and consultant roles.  Originally trained as a beauty therapist I became one of the first clinical aromatherapists in London, before qualifying as a nutritional therapist over 15 years ago.  My own health crisis led me to wheatgrass and the Hippocrates Institute established by a pioneer of natural health Anne Wigmore over 60 years ago where I train.

The Hippocrates` Institute  

A pioneering advocate of self-healing through diet, Anne Wigmore  was one of the first to promote the benefits of raw food, wheatgrass and ‘detoxing’ back in the 1940’s.  Following simple protocols with natural foods and observing clinical outcomes of hundreds of thousands of patients. About changing lifestyles, and holistic healing rather than focusing on single conditions and treatments.
The institute looks at holistic methods of healing and encourages changing lifestyles rather than focusing on single conditions and treatments.  They reconcile the current  nature of scientific research with the meticulous observations of hundreds of thousands of patients over the last half century and more. 
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