Zoom 100% Pure Organic Wheatgrass Powder
Zoom 100% Pure Organic Wheatgrass Powder
Zoom 100% Pure Organic Wheatgrass Powder
Zoom 100% Pure Organic Wheatgrass Powder

100% Pure Organic Wheatgrass Powder


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Our Organic Wheatgrass Powder is grown to stringent organic standards in one of the cleanest, greenest environments on earth - New Zealand’s South Island. The island has negligible pollution and is nuclear free which is why we continue to grow our wheatgrass outdoors unlike many suppliers that grow in trays or indoors. The high mineral content of the soil and purity of the air guarantee a potent wheatgrass offering maximum therapeutic potential.

Our Organic Wheatgrass Powder contains no bulking agents, no pesticides‚ no herbicides and no chemicals at all! It is naturally 100% gluten free. It’s wheatgrass as it should be - grown in the sunshine and fresh air with nothing added and nothing taken away.

Nutritional support
Wheatgrass makes an ideal daily supplement thanks to its large spectrum of nutrients, minerals and vitamins. Wheatgrass differs from other grasses such as Barley in that in contains P4D1, a gluco-protein that acts like an antioxidant. This is thought to reduce inflammation which promotes healthy digestive function and overall health.

Digestive issues
Wheatgrass has high levels of digestive enzymes that are depleted with age. It can help restore your normal digestive processes and help to cleanse the colon and liver. Sufferers of constipation, bloating and even more serious conditions like IBS have found relief by adding wheatgrass to their diet.

Neutralising acid reflux
Wheatgrass is alkaline and can balance the body’s acidity giving comfort to a range of conditions.

Blood boosting
Wheatgrass is high in chlorophyll which is remarkably similar to a molecule in our haemoglobin which is found in red blood cells that transport oxygen around the body. This means that wheatgrass can be beneficial for specific conditions like anaemia whilst also acting as a universal energiser; promoting more efficient oxygenation of the blood and other cellular processes.

Detoxing and cleansing
Wheatgrass' high chlorophyll content makes it a great general cleanser. Wheatgrass seems to help ‘chelate’ or clump toxins and heavy metals together to make them easier to expel from the body.

Age Defying...
Wheatgrass is an antioxidant powerhouse with well-documented free radical scavenging abilities, which makes it an essential supplement to help reduce some of the effects of ageing on our skin and digestion. Wheatgrass has also shown a promising effect of lowering blood sugar and cholesterol levels both which stress our body and lead to ill health.


As a powerful cleanser and detox supplement Wheat Grass can result in some mild reactions in sensitive people. Introduce supplementation gradually and reduce the amounts if you suffer from any digestive upsets or skin irritation. If you are pregnant or breast-feeding ask the advice of your doctor before taking wheatgrass or any other chlorophyll rich supplement. 

Source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26156538


One teaspoon per day


Three months supply using one teaspoon per day 

Read the full nutritional information leaflet here


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100% Pure Organic Wheatgrass Powder


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Julian Reading

Started taking this years ago, it was recommended to help with reflux and it worked much to my amazement. So after a while I stopped and after a while, you guessed the reflux was back. So I started again with the wheetgrass and within a week the reflux has stopped. A lot more healthy than the boxs of Rennies I used to get through.

Jojo Kemp
The Best!

The best wheatgrass I have tried and it's amazing .. the end!


Great quality wheatgrass and helps my digestion.

Amazing Wheatgrass

This is the best tasting powdered wheatgrass i have used. I use this late afternoon (sometimes first thing in the morning) to give me energy as well as its fantastic health benefits. My routine is to mix a teaspoon with water and drink it with 6 chlorella tablets to aid detoxification. This also stops me reaching for any caffeine.

Wonderful Wheatgrass

Wonderful Wheatgrass, my psoriasis has almost disappeared. Thank you Susie.


Are your cosmetics free from chemicals?

Yes - they are totally free from unnecessary harsh chemicals and don't contain sulphates or parabens.

Is your packaging recyclable?

All of my plastic bottles are made of recycled plastic and all of my glass is completely recyclable. I re-use as much packaging as possible and have swapped as much plastic as I can for card and paper.

Are there any fillers or binders in your wheatgrass and chlorella and can you take them together?

My wheatgrass and chlorella don't contain any fillers or binders at all. They work very well when taken together.

Do any of your skincare products contain colours or synthetic fragrances?

None of my hair or skincare formulas contain artificial colours. I only use natural oils so no synthetic fragrances at all.


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All orders are securely packed and sent tracked 1st class with Royal Mail. I also ship globally, if your country isn't automatically accounted for at the checkout then please get in touch at susie@susiewho.co.uk

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All orders are sent tracked as standard so you can stay up to date with your order until the moment it arrives.

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Kind to the body

Every product in my collection is designed to be kind to the body. So much of what we eat and put on our skin is full of chemicals, preservatives and harmful ingredients. By stripping everything back to the purest, scientifically proven elements, I've created a range of supplements, skincare and haircare that are kind, gentle and effective.

Kind to the planet

My Miron glass jars are 100% recyclable and perfect for re-use. All of my plastic lids are made from the most recyclable form of plastic there is so no need to worry about them ending up in landfill! I've swapped to paper and card wherever possible and now have some amazing new insulated boxes for my juice cleanses that are totally plastic free!

Backed by over 15 years of nutritional therapy

I study with The Hippocrates Institute which was founded by pioneer Anne Wigmore. She was an advocate of self-healing through diet and one of the first to promote the benefits of raw food, wheatgrass and ‘detoxing’ back in the 1940s.


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