My Experience of Reflexology Insoles

During the first lock down I decided to take up running. It was simply marvellous. I felt as free as a bird pacing around the river where I live. I've never been a fan of running - I'm more of a yoga and swimming girl so my body wasn't in tune to my new found sport. I'd been running for only a week when I woke up one morning and couldn't put any weight on my right foot. I hadn't been aware of hurting myself so it seemed to be a bit of a mystery.

Unfortunately it went on hurting for weeks and nothing made any difference. I tried rest, ice, heat and raising it up. It was so depressing as I'm a busy person and hate sitting still. Which I didn't for long as you know life carries on, injury or not. Things have to be done, juices to make, parcels to post.

A client of mine saw my pain and suggested I get some reflexology insoles for my shoes. I was desperate to try anything so ordered some cheap ones from Amazon. The next day they arrived, I cut them to size and put them into my trusty trainers. Off I went on my daily rounds. To my complete surprise my foot healed pretty much overnight. I thought it must be just a coincidence, but I didn't stop wearing them.

Almost a year later during the third lock down I twisted my knee whilst climbing up a wall. My in soles had worn out and I hadn't replaced them. I could see how they may have helped with a foot injury but couldn't see them doing so well with a knee. 

I discovered Rev shoes whilst scrolling on Amazon and thought I'd give them a go and see what happened. Same results after a a few days. Knee has totally healed.

I'm absolutely hooked on them and the best news is they do slippers too and a few different designs for both men and women.

The ancient healing art of reflexology works! 

I just had to share this company with you. If you're interested here's a link on Amazon:


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